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Photos Printed On Canvas For Your Home And Office

Chances are you have some really great photos that you absolutely love, photos from a vacation you took with your family, a fun office retreat, event or party, a great time you had with your friends, perhaps a series of pictures mapping out events on a timeline, like your progression through school. You almost certainly have a bunch of pictures you are proud of that you want to display in full view of everyone, in your home or office. Here’s an idea, why don’t you get those photos printed on canvas! If you think your pictures look good in the picture album or in a regular frame, picture it on canvas, up on your wall.


Printing your photos on a canvas and displaying them on your wall is an eye-catching way to show them off, while upgrading the look and feel of your personal and professional spaces. There are a variety of ways you can have your canvas prints displayed on your wall, all in a variety of sizes and shapes, a series of small prints, one large print, a mixture of large and small prints, you can create a collage of small individual prints or create the collage before printing them on a large canvas, the options and combinations are endless.

All this talk of canvas and you might be thinking what a canvas is exactly. It probably means different things to different people, depending on what you’re familiar with. In this context, a canvas is a fabric that is used as a printing surface. This is similar to what an artist would say, but in this case specifically, we are not painting with a brush and paints, an inkjet printer is used to print your digital photos onto canvas. Now back to what a canvas is, originally, they were made from the fibres of the hemp plant but in modern times, there are three main fibres that are used to make canvas, cotton fibres or linen fibres. Let’s take a look at what each of these is about.

Cotton, as you may know already, is a soft, fluffy fibre that grows in a boll, protecting the seeds of the cotton plant. When harvested, the fibres are spun into thread or a yarn and used to create a fabric or textile that is then used for various purposes like making clothes, you’re probably wearing some cotton right now.

Linen is also made from plant fibres, but the plant this time is known as the flax plant. It is strong, durable and also more expensive than cotton.

 Polyester is a man-made polymer that is made into yarns or fibres. It is basically a type of plastic made by mixing ethylene glycol and terephthalic acid.

There is a little bit of confusion about the three common types of prints, canvas prints, mounted prints and acrylic prints. Canvas have already been explained above, mounted prints are made from an image printed on paper, which is then attached to a backing board, this is done to preserve the picture and to prepare it for hanging on a wall or for framing. Acrylic prints, on the other hand, are printed on photographic paper, the print is then laminated with plexiglass, or sheets of acrylic.

After your photos have been printed on the canvas, the canvas is trimmed to the specified size and then is attached to what is known as stretcher bars and displayed as a gallery wrap or in a frame. The stretcher bars are made from wood, usually solid pine, and is also underpinned for extra strength.

Thanks to modern technology, photos can be printed on canvas as big as 1.59 metres. A high printing quality can also be achieved with the printing speed set to slow. And getting your digital photos printed on canvas is as easy as sending your digital photos online and choosing the dimensions you want, your photos will be printed and delivered to you. You can choose canvas prints, framed prints, collages, custom art products and whatever other options the company you are dealing with provides.

photos printed on canvas framed

You can choose to mix and match the two main types of prints, the canvas prints and the framed prints. The framed prints are made to blend in with the general décor of the room, when the color of the frame matches that of the room, this also serves to shift the mood of the photo, depending on the type of frame that’s chosen. You should always take the furniture of the room into consideration when choosing a frame for your photo prints. Choosing a simple, single color frame, like a black frame, keeps the focus on the photo whereas more stylized and elaborate frames accentuate and bring out the photo’s character. If you decide to go for canvas prints, you have more versatility and range when decorating. The lack of a frame makes it easy to adapt them to any style, and when the print is made to wrap around the edges of the stretcher frame is called a full-bleed, this is used to give a 3D effect to the mounted prints.

Deciding on how to best display your favourite pictures in your home or office, you should definitely take a look at printing them on canvas and displaying them on your wall, not only to share your memories but also to beautify and enrich the colors and furniture in your spaces by adding some extra visual aesthetic and personal style.