Why You Should Print Pictures On Canvas

Gone are the dark ages when your only option printing out the pictures you take was to have them printed out onto photographic film. These days there a few other ways to keep and show your pictures to the world. The most popular of course is to keep them on your phone and scroll through them when you want, you can still print them out onto photographic paper, or even regular sheets of paper, but my personal favorite is to print pictures on canvas.

With modern technology you can do this from the comfort of your own home, but if you want it done really well, it’s best to have your pictures printed on canvas by a professional, which can still be done from your laptop or phone and you can have it delivered right to your doorstep. Getting your pictures printed on canvas has quite a number of advantages over the conventional photographic paper, join me as I list a few of these reasons below, hopefully, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be convinced to get a few of your most cherished memories printed on canvas proudly displayed on the walls of your home or office.

pictures printed on canvas high quality

For me, the one thing that canvas prints can do that I like, something you don’t see on paper prints or any other method of image printing, is what is known as the full-bleed, this is where the print is wrapped around the stretcher frame (the wooden frame that holds up the canvas) this style is also known as the gallery wrap. This gives your pictures a three dimensional feel, making them stand out a little bit more than usual from the wall. You don’t usually get this effect from the conventional prints on paper or even framed canvas prints, as when frames are introduced it creates a definite border around the image.

Another advantage when you print pictures on canvas is that you get none of the glare and reflections that the usual photographic paper prints have. Paper prints are usually framed and also covered with glass to help protect them. When you print pictures on canvas, they don’t usually have or need this protection. And besides this you get something of a museum feel, this gives it a very pleasing effect.

The versatility of the print sizes that are available to you cannot be understated. Whatever dimension you’re looking for can definitely be done. Although there are some standard sizes, 8x10, 11x14, 18x24, and 24x36, anything between these sizes are easy to do. From as small as 8x8 to a massive 96x54 and even bigger. Creating big prints are also easier, more economical and the final product on the stretcher frame weigh much less, as all that’s used to make them are the canvas and the stretcher frame is wooden. If you want a picture you’re particularly proud of, say an exceptionally good picture you took that you want to flaunt to all your visitors, you should go for a larger size, about 18x24 and 24x36 should do the trick, you don’t want to seem too full of yourself now do you?

print pictures on canvas

With the large variety of print sizes open to you, a great way to display your pictures will be to combine individual prints of different sizes together as one display. You can group them together based on any theme you want or you can just put random pictures that you like together, sometimes doing that, you’ll find that theme emerges. Taking a cue from the previous point, you can make some of the pictures more prominent in the grouping by making them larger than the others, so for example if you go for an outdoor adventure with your family, a group picture with all of you can be the main picture, printed bigger than the rest, then arrange other pictures, with you doing various activities, around it. You can find inspiration or ideas on how to go about this online.

Apart from the pictures on your phone or camera, you can also print pictures from other sources to canvas, you can scan your old pictures and have them printed on canvas, you can also print out your favorite quote, stylize it in some fancy font and wake up to it every morning. You can even combine images and words, and print them together, or if you have a really nice graphic design that you like, any complex shapes, designs or patterns, these can be matched beautifully with the furniture and décor of your room.